Future publishing – the tablet evolution

Just looking at what publications are available on iTunes Newsstand and somewhat surprised at the slow take up. There are a number of factors at play here. The print media is still waking up to the digital age. The number of tablet devices out there is growing exponentially and this should be a great place for magazines and newspapers as well as consumers.

Prices for digital versions are lower than the printed versions the costs for distribution for publishers are much lower. however there are great differences in cost to the consumer depending on how you consume your media. For the most part websites are still free as you will see from the table below. App costs can vary quite a bit, from £1.99 for an iPhone subscription to £9.99 for the tablet version.

So why the slow take up by the publishers to switch to the newsstand. According to Rupert Murdock apple takes 30% of the sale price, I’m not sure what the distribution costs are for the paper versions, but I’m guessing they are not far off. The alternative that most started out with, was to build a standalone app, I am guessing that the pricing model for subscriptions is lower this way versus the newsstand.

Some publishers seem to have stuck with the website only versions but as our digital media consumption habits evolve I’m sure the tablet is the most convenient and comfortable method of reading the news.

One of the big benefits as opposed to website versions is that the paper is available offline and can be held on too for a week or more for those of us that find we have time later in the week to read our favourite supplements.

 Publication iTunes news iTunes app Kindle Website Kobo
Guardian £9.99 migrated £9.99 free no
Sun no £4.99 no free no
Times no £17 £14.99 £8.66 no
Telegraph no £9.99 £9.99 free no
Independent £9.99 migrated £9.99 free no
Le Monde no € 17.99 £12.99 free no
Financial Times no no £17.98 £22.49 no
Daily Mail £9.99 migrated £8.99 free no
Daily Express £6.99 migrated no free no
New York Times £13.99 migrated £17.98 $15 no
IHT £10.49 migrated £12.99 $15 no

*prices per month

It’s also a far more environmentally friendly way of publishing no ink, lorries, forests of paper, diesel and no dirty paper to recycle at the end of its use.

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